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Using Touch to Attract Friends with Benefits

We all know a guy who seems to perpetually be juggling a dozen different hookups.   Girls can’t seem to get enough of him, and somehow he is always able to get them to do exactly what he wants.  Call him the Puppetmaster.

In this article, we’ll discuss one of the Puppetmaster’s infamous tricks to seduce girls and escalate the relationship- instantly.

You can take an encounter from platonic to sexually loaded in the blink of an eye.  If she sees you as a friendly, non-threatening and ‘safe’ kind of guy, she’ll forever have trouble thinking of you as her lover.

But how to change that?

It’s simple.

Skillful Touch.

Think about the last time a girl made you horny- chances are, it involved some sort of touch, didn’t it?  Girls are just like guys.  If you touch them just the right way… their nerves light up and they move that much closer to you.

When you use touch to escalate the mood, you create a sex energy between the two of you.  Creating this energy does not have to take very long.  You can not even know a girl’s name and have incredible chemistry.  If she is into you, and you escalate properly, you may even be able to get laid that same night.


If a woman perceives you as friend-zone material (safe, friendly); she’ll treat you like one.  But, if you touch her correctly, while behaving in a sexually confident way, she will perceive you as a sexy man- hookup material!  Sex is now what she expects from you.

Create a Kinetic Connection

Until you get used to doing this, it’s a little hard to believe how powerful touch can be.  Touching a woman actually makes her feel more comfortable being physical with you.  All too often guys get all polite and shy, backing away from making body contact with a new girl.  But this is not sexual behavior.  This is chaste, friend-zone behavior- the way her kid brother acts around her.

Step 1.  It’s never too early.

Start the physicality as early as possible.  You should start out lightly and casually, maybe just touching her shoulder once in a while as you chat and flirt.  Not only will this reduce your nervousness, it will increase her levels of oxytocin, which respond to touch- and she will not be thinking of you as a friendly, asexual guy.  She will be thinking of you as a sexy guy who goes for what he wants.  And she will want you to want her.

Step 2.  Keep going.

A single bold move now would be way too overt, you would likely encounter resistance.  Think of this stage as if you are going up a staircase- escalating her step by step.  You will make small, but ever increasing moves and escalate according to her response.  Here is an example of zones you might touch or let your hand brush against:

  1. First, her upper arms and shoulders.
  2. Next, her belly.  There will be no mistaking your intent now; if she responds well to this you should feel very encouraged!
  3. Next, let your hand graze to her hips.  You can even let your fingers curl over her hip bones, pulling her slightly towards you as you laugh together over a joke.  Or, if the mood is more intense, look into her eyes while pulling her close to you.
  4. Now, you lucky guy, you can let your hands rove ever so slightly down to the sides of her butt cheeks.
  5. Now touch her hips again
  6. And now her belly (at this stage, you can try to isolate yourselves and then take her home.  She’s obviously ready to go.   But, if you are enjoying the exhibitionism aspect of your proceedings, by all means, man, full speed ahead.)
  7. Gently let your fingers drift to the areas around her breasts
  8. Slide your hands down to her belly, maybe cupping your hands over it.
  9. Find her hips again
  10. And even drift down to her pubic area.  Don’t go any further until you are isolated, unless you’re at a swingers event!

Now.  Gentlemen, gentlemen.  I know you are excited.  But- this part is very important- you must always pay close attention to her response.  Do not continue escalating if she freezes, or seems taken aback in any way.  Calm her down before proceeding, or she will bail at the first opportunity.

Another option is to take things slightly slow- creating a great deal of tension before advancing, so that she is really, really into you by the time the two of you jump in that taxi together…

A word of warning

When you get back to her place- or yours- expect that you may have to climb this same staircase all over again, as you may both have lost a little steam reaching the next destination.  (She could be thinking about her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend, etc.  Losing the mood.  Bring it back!)

Lastly- always be closing!

Confidence is key to making friends with benefits.  No hot girl wants some guy who is insecure and doesn’t know what he’s doing!  So don’t hesitate- seduce with confidence.  Girls love dominance.

Here’s a few more tips to help you harness the power of touch:

Be a man- never hesitate.  When you assume that she is attracted to you, and 7 out of 10 times, she will be.

Don’t look at your hands when you make your move.  It looks creepy.

Have good posture.  Again, slumpy and submissive looks creepy.


We’ll be back with some of the different tools you can use to escalate her!


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