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Escape the Friend Zone Forever with these 11 Steps to Confidence

Confidence, men!  It’s the most attractive resource on planet Earth, but unfortunately for most of us it’s also a Catch 22– if you’re the kind of guy who is always getting stuck in the friend zone, can you ever really change?


Of course you can!  In this article, we will teach you how to fake it til you make it.  When you follow these simple tips, not only will you be more attractive to women, you’ll be more attractive on the job market, too, and you know what that translates into?  Success!  Which means- MORE WOMEN!   Beautiful women for everyone!


1.  Never take things personally.  

This can be a hard one to get used to, especially if you are a sensitive person- but if you always assume that people don’t like you, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on anything else.  Try to never read into other people’s negative behaviors.  They are probably just having a bad day, and their rudeness has nothing to do with you.  Accept that people are people, and you will feel a sense of freedom that will allow your confidence to grow.


2.  Always look your best.

Too many of us get lazy about clothes- we run errands in sloppy shirts and gym shorts, and then we run into the hottest girl on the planet in the check-out line.  And you wonder why you’re stuck in the friendzone!  Why wait to start looking your best?  Slow down and take the time to dress well; put on some music that you like and choose clothes that coordinate and flatter you, no matter what shape you are in.  It’s easier to feel confident when you know you look your best.


3.  You can feel confident no matter what you’re wearing when you have good posture.

Remember, always stand up as tall as you can, with your shoulder blades pulled down and back as far as possible.  Look straight ahead with your neck long and your chin level to the ground- now take a look in the mirror.  You just got 110% more badass, for free, in two seconds.  It will take time to make good posture a constant habit, but you will strengthen your core over time and it will become second nature.  Make this effort and your life will thank you, not to mention your new girlfriend!


4. This is now.  If you’ve gone through physical changes recently, you may not feel on the inside the way that you look on the outside.

For example, if you were always short and zitty in high school, but now you’ve grown up, you may still behave in the shy, uncertain way you did way back when.  Or maybe you used to be a really big guy- chances are you still feel uncomfortable sometimes even though you’ve lost the weight.  Adjust.  Believe in yourself.  Remember that you’ve taken your life into your own hands, and things are different now.  Remember, this is now!  


5.  Laugh!  Fill your body with endorphins and release some of that tension.

Fill your life with the people, media and activities that make you happy.  When you’re happy and relaxed, you will feel confident.  Confidence makes it easier to approach your future friends with benefits…Just practice approaching within three seconds of your decision, and soon it will become second nature to just be open and friendly all the time, increasing your options.  


6. Chill.  It’s ok to have downtime alone- this is how you develop your mind and character, which also makes you genuinely comfortable with yourself.

And insightful, which is a quality everyone appreciates, especially beautiful girls.  Men who are comfortable in their own skin are less likely to spend time in the friendzone box.


7.  Get control over your finances.

Make a budget and give yourself a weekly allowance- and once you’ve spent it, cool it on the spending!  Simple, right?  But  healthy attitude about money will make your whole life more confident and relaxed.  Confidence doesn’t come from having tons and tons of money- it comes from managing what you have well.  


8. Be a good dude.

Don’t gossip or be snarky.  Step aside from mean-spirited conversations.  You’ll only wonder what people say about you when you aren’t around, and you’ll become two faced over time.  Life life on the high road, and you’ll feel better inside and out.


9.  Keep your word.  If you say you’re going to do something, always do it.

This will give you a delicious feeling of success, which makes it easy to be confident!  Do whatever you say you’re going to do, whether that’s picking a friend up from the airport, cleaning out the garage or running your first marathon.  After all, if you can’t keep your promises to yourself, it’s hard to trust yourself- and you must always be your own best friend.


10. Make peace with who you are.  It’s important to stay active and improve your physical health, but practice being cool with the way you look now.

You deserve love and dignity from the world.  Believe this.  Know this.  Live this, and the confidence will flow through your fingertips and into everyone around you.  Spread the word!  Life is good.


11.  Be positive.

People who play it cool all the time often ignore what they are really feeling, burying their authentic selves.  Let the world see who you are- joy in living is infectious!  If it feels good to be around you, the people will come.


Remember- if you think you’re not good enough, or that failure is certain, you’re probably right.


But if you believe you’re wonderful and can do anything you set out to do, you’re also probably right.


It’s not easy to change your life, but every day, one step at a time, you will get closer.  And that’s all anyone can do.  When you look at someone in awe of their accomplishments, just remember that all anyone can do is one step at a time.  Constant and consistent exercise of the habits above will give you the foundation you need for the life and girlfriend of your dreams.

One last word of warning.  Use your newfound confidence for good, not evil.  Just because you’re finally on top doesn’t mean you can kick everyone else who is down.  Instead, lend them a hand and help them reach their dreams, too.  Happiness is an infinite resource.  There’s plenty to go around.



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