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Turn New Friends into Friends with Benefits!

7 Rules from a Killer Wingman: Andrew Brings You in for  a Landing on the Lady Strips of Your Dreams!

First, some credentials.  I’m a guy who always loves to be where the party is at, so I have logged some serious time on the town.  I’ve long been all my buddies’ go-to wingman, as I’m also that dude who is always in a serious relationship.  And I’d say that’s a credential in itself, isn’t it?

Before I start spouting off the things I’ve picked up here and there, let me give you my most surprising advice first.  Since hot girls are almost never alone in the evenings, they are much easier to approach when you also have a small group.  In case there is a troll among them, someone can keep her busy while everyone else works to pair off with the interested girls.  If it is just you, two cute girls, and a vicious troll, the troll will spend the whole night trying to eliminate you.

Somewhere between two and four of you is a good number, although if you keep things down to just two you may find things get more intimate more quickly.  The magic number is different for everyone, of course.

Winging for friends is a great way to interact with women without any risk.  Even though it sounds counterintuitive, sometimes the best way to find a girlfriend or friends with benefits is to stop looking.

Lots of times dudes have trouble snagging a lady because they can’t help acting nervous, weird, or shy as soon as they are interested in a girl.  But if you tell yourself you’re just rolling as wing for the evening, you believe it.  It takes the pressure off, and lo and behold, now here come the ladies, rolling right into your arms.

But one caveat.  No matter what happens, always remember this- Rules 1 and 2 are golden.  Break them at your own risk.  Not only will your night fall into tatters, your friendships will probably go asunder, too.

Rule No. 1: Whoever makes first contact gets first pick.  

It’s hard enough to go up to a crowd of super-hotties and start up a conversation that actually takes off.  So if your buddy goes in first, and he picks the hottest of them- well, hands off, brother.

Rule No. 2: Hang tight.  

Women are deeply intuitive.  They’re watching everything you do even if they’re acting like they’re ignoring you- and they will read between the lines if you and your buddy are bickering.  No one wants to hang out with an asshole.  So act like you’re having a great time together, even if you’re not, and always, ALWAYS have each other’s back.  When you are winging for a buddy, he is always right.  If you’re both acting like you’re the coolest, most laid-back and fun best friends in the world, girls will be interested in hanging out with you.

But if you blow off your buddy because some girl you’ve been talking to for a few minutes acts kind of interested, you know what you seem like?  Desperate.  Always put each other first, and the women will follow after you like a row of little ducklings.

Ever notice how military dudes always have all the girls chasing after them?  This is because they’ve got the wing system nailed.  When military dudes hit the town, they act as a tight-knit unit, always looking out for each other.  And who wouldn’t want to be part of that?  Unity is one of your most powerful tools.

Rule No. 3: Pay attention.  

So your buddy is chatting up three girls, and you join the party.  One of the girls seems really into you- do you take her off to the side where you can be alone?

Once again, this is counter intuitive.  The answer is, no, not right away.  Because then you’ve left your buddy high and dry with two female friends- the one he is interested in, and one who is only interested in cock-blocking him.

Now, if your buddy is just talking with TWO girls, and you have the opportunity to sidle away with your foxy little number, do it!  That’s what we call an ideal scenario.

Rule No. 4: Framing for Banging.  

You’ll be amazed at how much this simple trick works.  It’s called ‘framing’- act like your buddy and the girlfriend are already a couple.  You can do this subtly- in fact, the more subtly the better- and you’ll be able to see her behavior adjust almost instantly.

Rule No. 5: Brag a little for each other.  

You know how girls always go to the bathroom in packs?  This also works in your favor.  They’re just going to hang around in there and talk about you guys- so give them something to talk about.  When you or your buddy disappear to drain the lizard, this is when you start talking about one anothers best qualities.  Bonus points if you can highlight what a great dude he is by telling a funny story that shows how successful/down-to-earth/funny he is.

If you’ve really got game, don’t tell this stuff to the girl he has been talking to.  Tell it to one of her friends.  She’ll repeat it, either right there in the circle or the next time the girls go to the bathroom.  This will increase its power ten fold.  Works like a charm every time.

Rule No. 6: Always be Closing.  

Things are going great and you’ve all been hanging out the entire evening.  Here’s how you bring it all home- the wingman suggests one last drink to enjoy the gorgeous view from his- or your- rooftop.  Or, if you are feeling really confident- tell your buddy you have an emergency and explain why you have to head home suddenly.  Ask his new lady pal if she can drive him home, because you were his original ride.  Boom!

Rule No. 7: Use Your Phone!  

For ultimate finesse, don’t call attention to any private communications you have- text each other if you have questions, concerns or advice.  It will make the girls feel a little bit more on the edge, and you’ll keep each other in the loop.

Now get out there, chill out, and enjoy the hell out of each other.  Perfection takes practice, so don’t worry if at first you guys bomb out over and over.  Laugh it off, and get in there all over again.  Before you know it, you’ll have all the friends with benefits- or even the girlfriend- you always wanted.

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