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Four Guys Who Escaped the Friendzone Forever: How They Did It

Our favorite stories about friends who successfully wrested platonic wastelands into sexual paradise!


Jake:  Tell her you’re into her, and be very clear about it.

Remember, girls like guys who know what they want.  Hell, everyone likes a man who knows what he wants.  Confidence is magnetic.  Our buddy Jake knew he was into his neighbor, a super cute leggy blonde… but she was so pretty he had trouble talking to her.  It was easier to talk to her dumpy little sister instead!  Of course the dumpy one quickly got a crush on him, making it difficult for Jake to ‘switch horses midstream’ alienating the girls.  He should have made it clear from the start that he was into the hot sister.  So there he was, with no choice but to tell Dumpy the truth.  What did Jake do?

First he he had to remove the cockblock and find Dumpy a boyfriend.  He helped her make a move on one of her friends, and then, as soon as the two of them were happily in love, he disappeared for a while on a motorcycle trip, making sure to post lots of pictures of himself with beautiful girls he met along the road.  When he returned home, he told the beautiful blonde sister the truth.  “Sara, I’m in love with you.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you the entire time I was on the road.  I need you to be my girl.”

Did it work?
Damn right it worked.

But, friend, you’re probably reading this because it isn’t going to be as simple for you as it was for Jake.  You are way, way deep into the friendzone.  Balls deep!  So how can you turn your sorry ass state of affairs around?

Mark: Practice intentional touch.

Chances are you have a couple other friends who are always getting locked into friendzone.  Close your eyes and picture them.  What do they have in common?  They’re all nice, super white-bread guys, aren’t they?  They don’t have any of that smoky, mysterious-cool guy energy that girls go crazy over.  That energy that rockstars, rich dudes, and actors all have- charisma.  Charisma is 8/10ths confidence.  Faking it til you make it and all that.  Imagine how you would feel if you had successfully reached your goals.  Now act as if this were true.  This takes a focused mindset to sustain over the long term, so it’s wise to take up a meditation or martial arts practice to improve your ability to discipline yourself.

But you know what makes up those extra 2/10s of leg-opening charisma?  Our friend Mark learned this trick at a festival last year: intentional touch.

Intentional touch is your secret weapon.  Not only will it energize all your casual contact with women, it will make you the best lover she’s ever had.  You can practice with your own arm, right now.  Touch your forearm lightly.  Become exquisitely aware of the sensation of both touching your arm, and being touched.  Be present.  As you sit with this, you will notice a charged feeling begin to build up within yourself.  When you take your hand away, you’ll feel your skin buzzing just slightly- the next thing you touch will be more interesting as well.

Now imagine you combine this calm, focused presence of mind to your next interaction with a woman, when you touch her hand while you’re talking, while you’re making eye contact.

You know what will happen?  The air between you will practically sizzle.  And if you stay calm, and super present with her, she’ll rush to fill the space between you without even realizing it.  She’ll be drawn to you like a moth to flame.  One of Mark’s favorite seduction moves is to take a girl’s hand and gently trace over the lines in her palm while making eye contact.  He does this slowly, while listening to her seriously.  Girls literally melt in his hands.

Andrew: Be the place where she becomes her best self. 

Does the girl of your dreams have ambitious dreams?  Offer to mentor her- take her to a work event and introduce her to the power players that 1. you know well and 2. admire you.  She’ll get to see a different side of you and realize how powerful you are.  To make sure this isn’t a platonic date, make sure you ask her to be your date to the event.  If she’s weird about it at all, brush her off and cut off all contact for a few weeks.  She’ll come sidling back to you, wondering what she did wrong.

Andrew successfully used this tactic to land the girl of his dreams.  She was a struggling artist, and had a fantasy about getting away to work in a cabin in the woods.  Andrew invited her to come with him to his summer cabin.  He gave her space to work, and was mysterious.  Naturally she was more and more interested in hanging out with him the less available he was.  When he finally came around to hanging out with her she was on her best seductive behavior.  Then, before he knew it, they were skinny dipping and making out.  He had turned himself into a component of her fantasy!

Mike’s Fast Action Reversal: Treat her like a platonic friend.

So the girl of your dreams is dead set on “just being friends.”  Fine!  Cut her off for a little while, and when she comes nosing back around, hit on another girl the moment she does any behavior you don’t like- texting someone else, talking about another guy, etcetera.  She’ll be furious and confused.  Here’s what you say:  “Girl, you know I love how hot you look when you’re angry, but I thought we were just going to be friends.  You can’t keep trying to seduce me.”

She’ll be annoyed but will concede.  Now ask her to wingman for you, as your ‘friend.’  She’ll want to pretend to be a good sport but will end up competing with the other girls for your attention.  Let her, and make sure to keep the tension high all night.  Make her work for it- she’ll realize her decision to just be friends was a mistake.

Points if she comes between you and another girl to tell you this.

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