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Props to Get a Girlfriend

You ever think there might be an actual reason girls love accessories so much?  Well, we’re not going quite that far, but there are a few reasons you should love accessories yourself bouncing, smoking hot reasons, in fact… because girls love them!

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should start carrying around a purse. Far from it. But how about a signature pair of cowboy boots, or a new puppy?

In this article, we’ll talk about some fun and easy ‘props’ that are tried and true ways to get the attention of good looking girls.

Once you’ve got her attention, it’s up to you whether you turn the conversation into one you’re having with a future girlfriend or just friends with benefits…

1. Facial Hair!  

Beards, for example. It’s been shown that everyone respects a man with a beard, even other men.  You seem more mature and more dominant–  if your beard is well trimmed and healthy.  (We’re not talking about long, straggly homeless looking beards.  It goes without saying your beard should look well-kept.)  You will seem more intimidating with a full beard, but also more masculine.  If she likes masculine men, she will be attracted to you, but you will have to pursue her.  Traditional gestures of affection will be especially appreciated- like opening doors and bringing her flowers- since you know she likes traditional, masculine men who treat her like a woman.  However, if you are shy, a beard is likely to make you feel more isolated, because people will be slightly more aloof unless they know you well.

Most girls find stubble sexy, especially when a soul-patch is involved- keep it short, though, guys!  To make sure your stubble isn’t scratchy, try using a beard softener or conditioner.  The nicer it feels, the more she’ll want to touch it.  If you’re a shy dude, try rocking the stubble.  Women will think you’re sensitive and artistic instead of just shy, which is a win-win!

2.  Puppies.  

It’s a well-known fact that a single guy walking a dog is super approachable.  Whether you’re walking a trail, the beach, or hanging out at the dog park, conversations crop up naturally.  Especially if you’ve got a super cute dog or a cool collar on the dog.  If you don’t have your own dog, volunteer at your local humane society.  Usually they have programs where you can walk the dog or even walk the dog around at farmers markets.  (Farmers markets are full of especially good looking, healthy girls, by the way.  Make it a habit to go every weekend!  At the very least you’ll be guaranteed an eyeful and a tasty breakfast.)  When you’re planning to go for a walk, make sure you have some interesting things in mind to talk about.  Women love a charming man with something to say- if your pleasantries turn into an actual conversation, she’ll be so impressed if you’re interesting!

3.  Hosting a Big Event.

 Okay, so this isn’t a prop per se, but it’s arguably the most powerful tool of the bunch.  Hosting the party or concert of the year is a sure-fire way to bring in the babes.  Everyone will want your invitation, and they’ll want to get in good with you to make sure they can come to the next one.  Extra points if you’re putting on a kegger or concert for a local charity.  Everybody loves the guy who is a good connection!

4. Kids

It’s a little bit risky to borrow a friends kid with the intention of picking up girls, because they may assume that the kid is yours.  Here’s how you work it into your favor- stealth attack.  Girls will feel comfortable talking with you when you’re out playing with a kid, because they assume you are not out on the hunt.  But if you get into a conversation, casually mention that you’re watching Toby as a favor for your best friend.  She’ll get the hint- and her heart will melt seeing how much you love kids!

5. A hot cup of… coffee? 

 This accessory is most effective when you’re already out on a date with your super-hot going-to-be girlfriend.  When we’re holding something warm, like a mug of coffee or hot toddy, we’re scientifically more inclined to judge everything around us more warmly, too.  Turns out there’s a good reason behind that old cliche of going out for coffee!

6.  Silly shoes. 

If you’re an athlete, you might try out those crazy looking toe-shoes everyone is running around in lately.  They’re a great conversation starter.  So are brightly colored shoes, old-school sneakers and cowboy boots.  Your conversation-starter shoes will have the best results if they make sense with your lifestyle- for example, you’re wearing cowboy boots because you actually have a horse.  Just slip them on, walk out into the world and be friendly.  Good things will happen.  We promise!   

7.  Tattoos.  

Just like beards, tattoos are not a crowd-pleaser, but for a small select group of girls they are like a second passport that show you’ve made a commitment to an ideal that only others with tattoos can understand.  You don’t take yourself too seriously- but you also stand by your decisions, even if they turn out to be mistakes.  And to hot girls, that’s romantic!

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