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Get a Girlfriend with the Power of Style


Women are reinventing themselves all the time, so why are men so afraid to?  If you are having trouble getting out of the friendzone or attracting the kind of girlfriend you want, we have all the tips to make her fall in love with you.  In this article we’ll talk about the power of style, and how you can use it to your advantage.

There are two ways to reinvent yourself.  Some people prefer to do it all at once- usually when coming back from a holiday- while others do so more slowly, incorporating new pieces one by one for a seamless transition.  There is no wrong way.  Making an abrupt change can open one up to criticism, but it is also exhilarating to experience female friends’ delight in “the new you”!

Doing it all at once is self-explanatory.  Throw out your old clothes and furnishing, get all new ones, and get a new hair cut.

If you decide to make the change more slowly, you might try to incorporate new pieces one or two at a time, wearing them often over the course of a month and a half, and then incorporating still new pieces.

There are three basic ‘genres’ of women, and you can dress to attract each specific type.  Of course, there is some cross-over appeal between the types you will certainly enjoy, but by and by large, if one version is your favorite kind, you should dress to attract her, just as you would use a certain type of bait to catch a specific type of fish!


The Dance Floor Goddess-  

She loves to turn heads and spend money- especially your money!  Dancing goddesses are always turned out to the nines, and they love nothing more than pleasure and decadence.  She wants a man who is rich and stylish and loves to party- you can attract her as easily as a magpie with a shantung silk suit and boldly contrasting shirt (with matching pocket square and socks.)  Pointy dress shoes will have her heart racing- you’ll look like you just stepped off the yacht of her dreams.  Try wearing tropical blues and yellows; anything to make her think of an exotic vacation, which is exactly the way she wants to live her life.  Every moment for her is a chance for a new experience- so be fun and different to lure her in!  (If you are looking for friends with benefits, these are the best kind, as they will make and break attachments easily.)


The Artsy Intellectual-

She has strong opinions about everything from politics to pop culture, and you better believe she knows what she wants in a man, too!  Smart artsy girls appreciate strong lines and bold choices in fashion. They aren’t afraid to wear color and bold new cuts, so you shouldn’t be, either.  She’ll love it if you have long hair and facial hair, and she also tends to like a slightly modern twist on old-fashioned hairstyles, like a slightly asymmetrical geometrical cut, for example, or a slight bouffant.  For jewelry, a simple leather string tied around your wrist is all the statement you need.

Try narrow pants and chic button up shirts paired with red, blue or white shoes for a pop of the unexpected; cowboy boots are also considered very cool.  Unfortunately shorts are out.  A chic and sophisticated man will never wear shorts unless they are swim trunks- and if he is in good shape, he will wear a black Speedo.


The Traditional Woman-   

More modest and unassuming than the first two types of woman, traditional women tend to be brunettes with sweet, shy smiles like Princess Kate Middleton.  She’s loyal and would never stray, and also would never dream of actually dating the kind of bad boy artsy girls and dance goddesses are so addicted to.  The traditional woman wants a traditional man who reminds her of her father, or her idealized version of a father: he wears simple, classic shirts and basic pants or jeans.  Always solids, never prints.  He smells slightly like firewood and wears cowboy boots or old school boat shoes without socks.  This kind of girlfriend makes a great wife, but not a very good friend with benefits- in fact, treating her like a plaything will probably make everyone in your social circle hate you, so engage with care.


Whatever kind of woman you are dressing to attract, all women appreciate nice, quality fabrics, so buy the very best you can afford.  It is better to have two very high quality shirts than to have ten in cheap, stiff fabrics.  The same goes for fragrance.  Most women love cologne or scented deodorant, but it should be the best quality you can afford and something of a secret- she should never be able to smell it unless she is in your arms.  (Or when you’ve ‘forgotten’ an article of yours at her house; then she will sleep with it next to her pillow so she can smell you all night long!)

When you dress to attract the kind of girlfriend you want, you are selling a fantasy.  Think always of your target and what it is that she wants.  Is she looking for fun, intellectual stimulation, or security?  Now present yourself accordingly.

Finally, it’s also important to remember that you are giving back to her a certain idea of herself.  Pay attention to her cues and you can find out how she wants to be seen.  If you make a woman believe that you see only her favorite version of herself, she’ll be yours forever.  Dressing the part-its  the easiest way to ‘fake it til you make it’!


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