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How to Overcome LMR and Get a Girl Into Bed, Part Two

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Last week we talked about some of the reasons you might encounter LMR, or Last Minute Resistance; today we’re back with some behavioral tools you can use to get what you want- laid!

How to Overcome LMR and get a girl into bed?   It’s simple, and an awful lot like an ordinary sales transaction.  You, the salesman, need to reassure your prospective buyer that she is making a good ‘decision’ in sleeping with you, all while still keeping her super-excited about her new ‘purchase’/ sexual commitment.

Here’s how you do it.

1.  Figure out what she’s looking for.

You need to understand what she needs and wants even better than she does.  The best seducers are the guys who know what a woman needs before she does.  If she wants a boyfriend, you need to present yourself as boyfriend material: reliable and funny and doting.

But, if she wants to punish herself with a one night stand, you need to be smoking-hot confident and a little bit bad: mysterious and authoritative, and more than a little bit naughty.

2.  Get to know her as much as you can, all throughout the encounter.

As we’ve talked about before, always try to take the conversation as deep as it can go.  Change the subject when things get superficial.  If she’s having trouble going there with you, inspire her!  Some people don’t know what they want, or even who they are.  If you can be a leader and give them inspiration, they will want to be around you all the time.

Everyone wants to feel encouraged and a little bit challenged.  Everyone wants to learn and grow and become a better person.  If the conversation stalls, you can always turn it into one about growth.  Who doesn’t have room to grow?

3.  Be what she’s looking for.

This should be obvious- once you’ve figured out what she wants, play up the parts of yourself that fit the bill.  She wants a fit, positive guy, so get one of your buddies to tell a story about the time you all went rock climbing and you saved the day.  The thing is, you can’t just tell somebody you’re the right match for them.  You have to show them.  Actions speak louder than words.

4.  Be confident and decisive.

5.  Don’t stall.

Once you notice girl you are interested in, make your move.  Don’t wait to get her number, don’t wait to try for a kiss, don’t wait for her to make the first move.  That is not her role.  She is a female, and she wants you to act like a male.  Capiche?

6.  Make her feel right at home.

This is a tip you can use as soon as you get her back to your place.  Take off your shoes.  Now she’ll take off her shoes.  The simple act of taking off her shoes requires her to make a bit of a commitment.  When she takes off her shoes, she has decided to stay, at least for a little while.

7.  Now go for it.

Kiss her as soon as possible- even if you’re just standing in the kitchen at your buddy’s house.  What, she seems a little bit nervous?  That’s a good thing, doofus: she’s excited!

8.  During that kiss, glide your hands slowly and confidently over her body.

9.  Create a rhythm.

Build up into heavier movements- kissing hard or pulling her into you, or grabbing her waist- and then pull back to pause.  Not only will this make her feel more safe with you, because she can see that she can escape anytime she needs to- it will make her crave more.  We all love to be touched.

10.  Objection?

If she brings up any concerns, don’t try to address them with logic.  If you do, she may think you are being manipulative.  But if you respond with something confident and romantic, well, she’s putty in your hands.

For example: “I have to slow down, this is going too fast,” she says.

So you smile and stroke the side of her face or neck, and say, “It’s like the best ride at the theme park, isn’t it?”

or, try “I love your smile.”  (Now bury your head in her neck.)  I love making you smile…”

Silly little nothings, right? … A few silly little nothings are exactly what she needs to hear in order to relax and enjoy herself.

11.  Fireworks!

Sometimes a girl puts up a bit of last minute resistance, but at the same time she’s not going anywhere.  So she’s clearly still interested.  What do you do?  Put on a fireworks show- explode into a sudden burst of passion: kissing and stroking her, as if her beauty has brought you to your knees and you can no longer control yourself.

12.  Break down walls.  

This is how you can keep moving things forward.  Often you’ll find women who have these funny little checkpoints- they’ll make out with you like mad, love to be touched, but the moment you try to take off their pants they freak out.  Utilize fireworks and the intensity of the moment to move things forward (and once she’s okay with taking her pants off, maybe toss them behind the couch?)

13.  Continue your campaign of fireworks, rhythmic pauses, and sweet little nothings.

You’re both about to enjoy the night of your life.  Bemember friends, with great power comes great responsibility.  Use these tools wisely.  You don’t want to go seducing your best friend’s special lady, for example, and you don’t want to get anyone pregnant.  The thing is, most men have no idea how to treat a woman the way she secretly wants to be treated.  When she meets a real man who knows the tricks of the trade, she’s going to pretty much be helpless in your hands.  So be a good dude.  Manipulate for good, and not for evil!

All right.  Good talk.

Til next time!

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