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How to Talk to Hot Girls During the Day and Get a Date

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Most guys are at intimidated by hot women.  You know what’s even more intimidating than walking over alone to a group of hot girls holding court over the entire bar?

…. Approaching one of them in the middle of the day.

When you are both completely sober.  That’s scary stuff, right?  But here’s the thing.  It’s also the best way to pick up the very hottest women.  In this article we’ll walk you through easy ways to approach hot girls during the day- and how to get a date- or even turn that very conversation into a date right then and there.  Ready?  There’s no time like the present…

Think about it.  The hottest, most desirable women don’t tend to lurk about in bars.  Sure, there are brief windows in every hot girls life when she slums it a bit, but that’s usually when she is in a rebound phase.  The healthiest, fittest, smartest girls just do not spend all their time drinking and staying out late.  Yes, it’s easier to talk to a girl who’s gotten so drunk and silly that you aren’t worried about her judging you or shooting you down– but she’s also probably not girlfriend material, now is she?

What’s more, when you see a girl out and about during the day, you can see what she really looks like.  You don’t have your beer goggles on, you know what I mean?

Here’s the other thing.  Girls love romance.  What could be more romantic than a chance encounter- a handsome boy swooping in and charming you, right in the middle of the day?

How to Talk to Hot Girls

The Approach.

Let’s say you’re at a Farmer’s Market, and you spy with your little eye a good looking girl wandering between the stalls.  Maybe you bump into her, which certainly makes it easier to start rolling- but you can also just walk right up to her.

Many women will be on their guard at first, so you want to immediately neutralize this with a bit of silliness.  Here’s an example.  If she has her back to you, tap her right arm and then move around to her front.  She will look to her right, and then will see you in front of her, grinning.  “I’m sorry, I saw you and I couldn’t resist, I had to say hi.”

Here she’ll probably laugh, and say hi back.


She will also probably try to keep moving, unless you happen to be extraordinarily handsome, so you need to begin the conversation.  Ideally, with some sort of compliment thrown in.  For example, if the girl is holding a bunch of vegetables.  “Is that how you have such pretty hair, you eat lots of carrots?”

She’ll probably laugh again, and hopefully will offer you some sort of information about herself.

“I’m a vegetarian,” she might say.  Now, it’s important to remember two things.  One, you want the conversation to go deep so that she invests in you and makes a real connection.  Two, you can always change the subject.  You are the one directing and controlling the conversation.  So if she tries to keep things light and neutral, you can just start talking about something more interesting.

In response to her vegetarianism, you could say something boring, like, “Oh, yeah, I bet you get lots of fiber.”  Blah, who wants to talk about fiber?

Talk things deeper.  “How did that come about?” you say.

“Oh, when I was a kid I had this pet rabbit, and it occurred to me that meat comes from living things.  I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right anymore, to cause suffering to other things.”

See?  Now you’re in deep.  If she isn’t already mirroring your body language, you should mirror hers so that your connection feels even deeper.  You also know quite a bit about her already.  She is an animal lover, and compassionate.  You can take the conversation in either direction and you know she’ll be interested.  Keep relating things back to her- and identify with the things she is saying- and you’ll be surprised at what a good, satisfying talk you can have with someone who was a stranger not three minutes ago!

As you continue to talk, begin to work in touch. You can do so subtly, leaning in and brushing her shoulder with yours companionably, or reaching out to touch her arm to emphasize that you understand her point, or when you’re both laughing.  After you’ve touched her, if it feels natural, introduce yourself and ask her name.  This step isn’t as important as you might think, though…


You’re already both out and about.   You can easily turn this encounter into an instant date, and you know what she’s interested in.  If you’ve been talking about animals, all you have to do is say,

“Hey, I’m about to check out the pet adoption booth. You want to come with me?”  Now you’re walking together, you’re about to have an experience together.  After you check out the dogs, find some way to extend the experience- ask if you can walk one of the dogs around the park, or take her for an ice cream cone.


If she has to go and so it’s not possible to have a date right then, set one up.  Ask for her number, and once she calls you, text her yours.  Alternatively, you can put your number into her phone for her and then call your own phone.  To make things fun, take a picture of the two of you together for your profile picture in her phone; she’ll like that.

By the way, if you realize you’re nervous to ask for her number, all you have to do is make sure the phones come out.  Nowadays a photo opportunity is all it takes.  If you take a picture together all you have to do is ask her to text it to you.

One caveat- if she asks if you are on Facebook, don’t just give her your Facebook info and leave things at that.  You want her invested in you.  You want to agree on an activity you’re going to do together- check out the zoo, get coffee or a drink- and you want her phone number.


Give her a hug.  If she’s been responsive- laughing and mirroring your body language and reaching out to touch you back- give her a kiss goodbye (on the cheek).  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can escalate things, too.  This entire transaction can happen in under twenty minutes- longer for an instant date, of course- but there’s no reason you can’t seal things with a kiss.

When it’s time to go, leave, but not too quickly.  If you walk away too quickly you’ll look nervous and sketchy!  Walk away calmly and confidently.  If you’re feeling really good about things, you can even look back.  Hopefully she’ll be looking over her shoulder at you, too.  Just wink and wave good-bye by holding your hand up, and continue on.

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