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Attract Friends with Benefits, Part Two

We’re back with some tricks from the Puppetmaster you can use to seduce a girl in public.   The most straightforward way to staying out of the friendzone is never getting stuck there in the first place! Seductive guys do not get friendzoned.  Period.

Seduction Tools:  These are your arsenal, gentlemen.  Employ them wisely.


Simple, right?  Not so fast.  You can of course touch her with your hands, but don’t discount the power of using different parts of your body as well.  For example, when you order the next round of drinks, you can bump into her arm gently with your chest as you try to catch the attention of the bartender.  (When you do this, if she doesn’t move away, make confident eye contact and smile at her.  Smooth.)

Not only should you be creative with the ways you initiate physicality, you can also try different methods of touch:

The gentle caress.  For example, try stroking the top of her shoulder with the back of your hand while she tells you a story, looking at her affectionately.  This creates instant comfort and intimacy, even at a crowded bar.

The slide.  More neutral than the caress, sliding your hand over her arm or side is both confident and possessive- subconsciously she will begin to feel she already belongs to you.

The grab.  This dominant move is one for the brave, but it will get you incredible results- this is best performed after she’s had a couple drinks, the music is loud, and the night is getting crazy.  You know she’s into you and you’re flirting- now try grabbing her hips and pulling her to you.

Eye contact

Eye contact is everything.  You want your gaze to be confident and relaxed, not fidgety, so one trick is to gaze into the pupil of just one of her eyes.  Do not look away first, but once she breaks away, you can let go, too.

Close the gap

Once you’ve started flirting, steadily move closer to her.  Every now and again take a step further in, until your body is fully touching hers.  This is easiest in a crowd, to be sure, but don’t underestimate its power in a quiet place, too.  Onlookers will be able to sense your chemistry from across the room.


Unfortunately, we do live in a shame culture.  Often you can decrease a woman’s resistance to your advances by getting her away from her friends.  If she’s afraid that they will think she’s a slut- no more problems.


Be aware that sometimes women will kiss a guy- or each other- just for fun, and not because it means anything.  Occasionally it will work in your favor to do all of the above moves but not kiss her right away- leaving her to get so worked up that she might just be the one to initiate things after all.  But, if you do decide to kiss her- err on the side of too little as opposed to too much.  You want her brain and body racing, after all; you don’t want her to have time to get bored.

Bites & licks

All right, if you’re to this stage you can definitely on the way to closing the deal.  This is a great move if, say, you’ve been rubbing up against each other all night and now you’re waiting with her for her friend to come out of the bathroom or something- try leaning in and gently biting/sucking her neck about two inches below her ear.  Taxi!

About that taxi…

Most important of all.  When she’s ready to go- don’t hang around and ‘walk all over your deal,’ as the salesmen say; get her back to your place or hers and sleep with her!  Confidence, confidence, confidence.  Don’t psych yourself out- if she has let you let you press up against her and suck her neck, chances are once you’re alone with her you will go much farther.  Whether you are looking for friends with benefits or a girlfriend, sleeping together will increase your bond.

How can you be sure she’s ready to sleep with you?

She tilts her hips towards you, consciously or not.  Her whole body is oriented towards you.  She touches herself- her neck, her belly, etc, while watching you.  She’s paying close attention to you, laughing, touching, etc.

Remember, uncertainty is your enemy.  If you have a tendency to back down, be honest with yourself and work on your confidence.  Practice saying affirmations into the mirror- yes, this is cheesy, but it works!

Tell yourself you’re a killer, or whatever it is you want to be thought of.  Say it three times while staring in the mirror- “I’m a sexy motherfucker.  I’m a sexy motherfucker.  I’m a sexy motherfucker!”

Believe it.  Live it.  Do it.  Go!

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