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Make Her Fall in Love With You: The 5 Types of Men All Women Want

No matter who she is, chances are one or more of the types of guys below below make her all hot and bothered.  If you’re always trying to escape the friend zone and make her fall in love with you, maybe you just aren’t her type.

Which means you need to do one of the following:

A: Pretend to be someone you aren’t.

B: Become the man you’ve always wanted to be (the kind of man she’s always wanted)

C: If you recognize yourself as some other archetype, seek out a woman who loves that kind of guy!  Why waste your time with a girl who doesn’t love you for the person that you are?

Before you run off and change your life, though, read this list.  Maybe you’re already on it!

The Five Types of Men that Make ALL Women Melt.



The Charming Romantic:  Cary Grant, Johnny Depp

This is the guy who puts his girlfriend on a pedestal and treats her like a queen.  He’s made a high art out of the act of seduction, and quite literally sweeps her off her feet- picking her up and kissing her, spinning her around.  Surprising her with flowers, poetry, and songs written just for his girlfriend or his friends with benefits, this guy tends to apply the same amount of thoughtfulness to everything he does, including the way that he dresses.

Weak points: Ultra affectionate guys are sometimes in love with the idea of love.  Which means that when the going gets rough they get bored and move on to someone they can start all over with, because beginning are easy and fun.

How to Keep Her:  If she loves charming romantics, chances are she has been burned and is now wary.  If you can show her that you are faithful and can be trusted, you’ll win her heart forever.  


Mr. Big Deal:  Alec Baldwin, CEOs, Career Alphas

He wears tailored suits, works hard, talks fast and keeps a tight schedule.  He’s powerful, in control and he knows it.  He loves beautiful women who know what they want, and he likes to spoil them a little.  He loves for his girlfriend to be ladylike… until it’s time for bed.  Mr. Big Deal is usually  dominant, which makes women lose their heads over him.  He’s demanding and unwilling to compromise, but happy to share the good life with the woman he has on his arm.

Weak points: Can be domineering and selfish

How to Keep Her:  If she loves Big Deals, chances are she’s learned he is too busy to ever truly put her first.  For Mr. Big Deal, work will always come first.  But if you can be considerate of her opinions, and make a show of how much you value her, this will go a long way to keeping your girlfriend on Cloud Nine.  Yeah, that and the Dom Perignon.  Bottle service!


The Sexy Older Guy:  Richard Gere, Sean Connery.

Women go weak at the knees for silver foxes.  Older men are worldlier, classier, and tend to be wealthier, too, which is why they can land such gorgeous women.  With more experience, they tend to be fantastic conversationalists, and you know how much women love to talk.

Weak Points: There’s a whole ocean of differences between different generations.  Your experiences, moral views, and ambitions will likely be at odds, and it can be too easy to dismiss one or another during a fight, saying things like, “You’re just too old, you wouldn’t get it,” or “You’re just too young, you wouldn’t get it.”  After a while, this piles up into a big fat problem.

How to Keep Her: Be considerate of her interests.  Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she’s a ninny, so don’t treat her like one!  Attend events with her that are important to her, and let her educate them about them.  You don’t have to dress like some kid half your age, but it can be revitalizing to be around youthful energy.  You’ll find this makes your relationship richer and deeper, and you’ll make her fall in love with you.

The Man’s Man: Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson

He always comes to a woman’s defense, would never dream of manscaping, and knows how to chop wood.

There’s nothing like a rough, roguish gentleman to make a woman savor her femininity.  It sounds crazy but the very fact of his raw masculinity brings out the girl in a certain type of woman.  She loves to defer to him and – just every now and again- pull a Scarlet O’Hara and throw a pretty little tantrum.  And the makeup sex is to die for.

Weak Points: You’re not any more likely to take her to a wine tasting than you are to wax your chest, and you likely have a love affair with one or two of your favorite sports teams.

How to Keep Her: She knows your weak points are part of the deal if she’s ever dated a Man’s Man before, but you can sweeten your chances by always treating her with tenderness, just like you would your mama.  That way she’ll be more likely to give in to your manly habits rather than throwing a fit!

Mr Social:  Will Ferrell, Louis C.K., Bill Murray

You’re the life of the party no matter where you go, whether its your doctor’s waiting room or the office holiday party. There’s something magnetic about a guy who is always ready to enjoy life and can turn anything into a laugh.  Mr. Social also tends to be spontaneous and wacky, which means a woman will never get bored.

Weak Points:  Mr. Social loves to be the center of attention, all the time, and he can sometimes turn into a brat if he doesn’t get his way.

How to Keep Her: Be a little more easy going, and don’t expect her to be able to keep up with your frenetic ways all the time!  While you recharge your batteries by living a wild and crazy life, for most of humanity, well, we recharge by sleeping!

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