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8 Tips to Make Her Fall in Love With You

1. Posture is Power

We underestimate the strength in the way we gesture at our own risk.  When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself in front of a mirror?  Well, tonight it’s a date, my friend.  If you want beautiful women to start falling into your lap, you need to be well acquainted with what you’ve got to work with.  To make the best impression, get in the habit of great posture and relaxed, controlled body language.  To perfect your posture, imagine a string runs from the very top of your head all the way down through your spine.  Let this string ‘float’ you up tall.  Hold your shoulders back, and tuck your tail slightly.  You’ll look fitter, happier, and more intriguing to women.

Case in point: Sir Patrick Stewart, who is still a lady killer even in his 70s.  Same goes for Sean Connery.  Control is the key to cool.

2. Strut for success.

Whether you’re walking next to her in a group, on a date, or just trying to catch her eye from across the street, its time to speak to her in the language of the alpha male… without saying a word.  Walk slowly while casually exaggerate your shoulder movements.  This is a move that should be practiced in front of a mirror to make sure it looks natural and relaxed.  Walking slowly and comfortably makes you look completely in control.  Subconsciously, this move will tell your future girlfriend that you are both confident and dominant, which are both qualities she is looking for.  Keep it subtle, and you’ll saunter straight into her heart.

3. Fascinate her with your talents

Women love a man with something to show for himself.  When you see signs she wants to be more than friends, this can send her over the tipping point.  Do you have any surprising skills or qualities?  Make sure to work them into conversation naturally.  Wait for your opening, and then mention it casually-

“Oh man, when I’m rock climbing I love to take a minute and watch the sun come up.  Sunrises are the best.”

See what I did there?  It’s subtle and I’m not bragging, but I put a couple pictures into her head- namely me, looking smoking hot as I scale up a rockwall and then- dramatic pause- turn around to watch the sun come up.  Bam, I look instantly hot, mysterious, and romantic.  Plus the conversational field just opened up that much more.  She’s not walking away anytime soon.

So whatever your special skill set- a foreign language, cooking, writing- make sure the beautiful girl gets a chance to find out about it.  You never know, you may even have a common interest.  Who knows where things could go from there?

4. Projection Speaks Louder Than Words.

To convey confidence, you actually have to speak a little more loudly than will probably feel comfortable doing.  Great posture (see above) helps with this because you’re not all collapsed over like a lunchbag. Practice projecting your voice from different places in your body- your throat, your chest, and your belly- and find the spot from which you can comfortably project with a natural resonance.  You don’t want to sound effortful, but our bodies are natural megaphones when we bother to learn how to use them!

Now put your new voice to practice by talking more loudly when you’re out with your wingmen.  Yes, you might feel a little self-conscious, but you know what you come across as?  Confident as hell.  (If you’re feeling nervous, take 10 slow deep breaths, relaxing the throat.)  This is especially in a seeking-friends-with-benefits type of situation; party girls love to be with the most alpha guy in a room.

5. The Key to Charisma: Make Her Feel Like the Only One in the Room.

Take a little advice from Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra- to make a woman melt, give her absolutely 100% of her attention.  She’ll be drunk with it.  No matter what happens- hot waitresses walking by, sirens flashing- stay focused on her in a relaxed way.  Pay attention to what she’s saying and make sure to turn things into a conversation.  Not only will you seem interestingly intense and romantic, she’ll start to feel bonded with you in spite of herself.

Pro tip: focus on the pupil of one of her eyes.  You don’t need to give her a death-stare, but relaxed, focus eye contact has an incredibly arousing effect…

6. Chill out!

You know what’s more boring than watching paint dry?  Having a completely ‘safe’ conversation.  Don’t be afraid to start a controversial conversation or disagree with something she says.  You can even try teasing her a little about her taste in movies or music.  This kind of banter will help you both relax and have fun, which is only a good thing!  Don’t play it safe- shoot for the moon.

7. Spice it up

Indian, Thai and Mexican food all pack a kick that increases blood flow.  She’ll heat up and associate the tasty little rush with hanging out with you.  Best of all, foods that are both exotic or spicy create a feeling a danger, and this little spike of fear actually builds up a feeling of excitement.  Order a spicy dipping sauce with an appetizer to share, and try to get her to order something spicy if you can.  Bonus points- you’ll both drink more, too!

8. Why so serious?

Ah, god, stop being so dour.  Did you know humour is at the highest ranked quality women look for in a man?  Tell her a few jokes.  Women love jokes, especially since they usually can’t tell them very well…So try telling her a story that shows you don’t take yourself so seriously- a little bit of self-deprecation will let her know you’re a good guy, and always look on the bright side.  Again, qualities women look for.

Remember, the next time you meet a woman who is showings signs she wants to be more than friends, these are your secret weapons that will make her fall in love with you.

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